Thursday, 7 May 2009

specially dedicated to all my friends......

The Seeds of Friendship...

Just like a rose,

so precious & rare,
is the forever friendship
and the LoVe we share.

Planted with kindness,
it's warmed by the sun
of caring & sharing,
laughter & fun.

It's also planted in trust
and nurtured by LoVe,
with a sprinkling of faith
from God above.

Tears of sadness & joy,
like dew,
renew this friendship
I share always with you.

And in the garden of our hearts,
always we find the room
to be ourselves,
to grow & bloom.

Our friendship is like the rose
beneath the snow lies the seed that grows,
Sometime in silence it will lay
but in our hearts it will forever stay.

Life is Beautiful…

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