Sunday, 26 April 2009

~KL International Bookfair~

Yesterday i went to KLIBF at PWTC....there were huge crowd there...mklumla weekend..
I spend two hours there browsing for books.. I went there with my clasmate Ira..
We start to get crazy when we saw so many novels and had a difficult time to choos
e which we wanna buy..
Besides our allowance for this month blom msuk we have to think about budget also...
After tired of thinking and chosing, Ira decided to buy only 3 novels out of 6 I guess..and me only buy 4 out of 8..
that have bee
n list out..hehehe kedekut gak kan?
erm these are some of what I bought 4 my self yesterday....

I'm seeking for da right time to read this.....

novel ni best tp jiwang la...hahaha

menuggu tren....

Futsal and assignment...

It has been nearly a week since this event happend..
Last Wednesday,our batch went to Sports Barn in PJ....playing fut
sal and basketball..not forgotten table tennis..
At first,when they ask who wanna play basketball,i was so eager 2 play..bu
t then things changed..
During the day,I was so excited to play futsal..the game was so fun n exciting...besides,I dah lama x exercise..hehe~

We were divided into team according to our house. Our team played for three rounds before everybody complaining not able to continue anymore and its about time to perform Zohor prayer..besides we all dah mandi peluh and smell so 'good'..hik33

After get home and had a nice bath,I asked my housemate when is the due date for our biology assignment..her answer make me shock..she said it was the day after tomorrow.. I thought the due is next week...OMG!!! I haven't start anything yet..I have to forget about getting a nice nap dat evening and start my assignment...Finally,at 11.00pm I have finished my assignment..phew...that was so relief..I promise myself not to do that again in da future..
here is the video at sports barn..

me at the goal post..hehehe


Sunday, 19 April 2009 + excited + terharu...

Yesterday was Miza's and Firdaus's birthday..As usual I mmg excited bab nk smbut birthday org...awal2 lg dh gi bli adiah utk dorg...msa birthday eve dorg 2 suatu kejutan happen..My housemate belikan chocolate cake utk celebrate Miza's,Limah and my birthday..terharu sgt2 bcoz I smbut birthday 9 days earlier,Limah pn 2 days earlier...hahaha sgt best...ktorg enjoy sgt2 mlm 2 n blh lak pretend mcm esok 2 xde kuiz physics...

the next day.....
pagi2 lg dah kelam kabut study physics..x sabar btul nk jwb soalan physics tp last2 result kuiz mcm ape je..maklumla x study,tu la balasannye..Allah tu kan Maha Adil..hehehe
Abes je klas physics trus rushing pegi tggu bas rapid...nak gi Casa...hahaha nk celebrate birthday Pidud and nak jumpa clasmate 5P Saina dlu..surprise kat die sbb nk dtg x bgtau die dlu..sampai sne trus g bli mknn dlu sbb lapar sgt2 and jumpa Shahrul kejap..smpat lg 2..hik33...then naik ke rumah Farah Husna ditemani oleh Shahrul (smpai kat lif je) ..dah abes lunch dgn Farah bru bgtau Pidud I ade kat casa..dah la tu I pn bgtau kat Adiba..die pn tkejut..ha 2 org trus I bg surprise..keh33
Ptg 2 after Asar Pidud ajak pegi mkn..alamak dah kenyang sbb ni 1st time Pidud blnje,ape lg trus je order minuman yg mhl2..sory la pidud bkn slalu kn..then masing2 btukar2 crite and bsoal jwb soalan2 cepucemas..hehehe tibe2 smue tknang zaman skolah dolu2...aduhai..
Xsedar masa blalu dgn cpt...huhuhu pape pn sgt enjoy bsme2 kwn2...entah bile lg blh bkumpul ramai2..
Conclusion nye...aku rindu sangat2 kat kawan2 Saina u guys...!!!

Friday, 10 April 2009


Last time u ate MCD? w/ whom?
yesterday..with tehah and aliya
When was the last time you were truly completely happy with your life?
i am happy with my life....
Have you ever read an entire book in one day?
Does anyone know your password besides you?
hurmm..i guess so..
Last night did you go to sleep smiling?
nope...i was so tired..
Did you have a good day yesterday?
yesterday was an usual day..noting special happened..
What is your current mood?
Who was the last person to come to your house?
my neighbour..uncle mani
Any plans for holidays?
yup..going to bukit larut....
How's your life lately?
okey....full of happiness..
Is there one place you'd like to visit?
not one but many....Paris,Amsterdam,London....
Have you held hands with anyone today?
Do you miss your past?
yesszz....seriously miss it...
What was the last thing you put into your mouth?
custard pudding..
Did you ever lose a best friend?
nope...but i lost contact with them..but still they're my friends!
What are you listening to?
love story by taylor swift
Who is the last person that made you smile?
Is your phone close to you?
yup..on my desk....
What are you doing tomorrow?
hmmmm...sleeping,watching tv....
Are you frustrated?
not at all.....
Who was the last sent you a message on friendster?
Did you hug anyone today? mom...
Have you ever seen someone you knew & purposely avoided them?
yes...certain friend or cikgu...malu dow..
Who's the last person you had a deep conversation with?
Who was the last person you cried in front of?
ermm...dura i guess...
when was da last tyme i cried?
2 weeks ago....
Would you consider being married/ engaged right now? [26+++]
What is one thing you do before you go to sleep?
brush my teeth!!
Reply all messages and returned calls.
yes of course..
Has someone ever made you a promise & broke it, who?
yes..but i forgot when why n who..hehehhe....

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Going back home......!!!!

Yay...!!! I cant wait for tomorrow...I'll be back to my hometown kulim,kedah..damn miss my home and family..
However,the following week I got three quizes to be settle..huhuhu pity UNPAD exam but still to have quiz..
wut to do,this is da life that I chose..I was thinking what should I bring home..still unpack yet but I'll try to do it before i sleep..hehehe..btw I'm having fun with my lesson in biology and very eager to the next class...ok I think I gotta pack my bag now..hehehe =p

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

No UNPAD Exam..hooorayyy!!!

At last it was confirm that we don't have to sit for UNPAD final exam...
This mean that I can celebrate my birthday happily and enjoying making free call from maxis and celcom..
Nice colour add up to my life..ngee~

best weekend...!!

Last Sunday,I went to Sepang to watch the F1 GP race with my cousins..I was so excited because this is my first time being there and my trip has been sponsored..I have been told that my seat is at the grandstand,that mean I get a better view and dont need to worry about the bad weather..There were huge crowd of F1 fans but upon arriving at the circuit it started to rain heavily and we didnt bring any umbrella,luckily the rain was not too long..we waited for the shuttle bus to take us inside the circuit and get our tickets from the person incharged. We were able to place ourselves at our seat and waited for the race to start (watching the warming up session in the meantime). About 5.00pm the race start and the crowds were going crazy..everyone started to cheer for their favourite team and racer including me. Unfortunately,the race has to stop halfway because of the bad weather and the winner was announced at 7.00pm. Jenson Button from Brawn GP in the 1st place followed by Nick Heidfeld from BMW-Sauber and Timo Glock from Toyota.. here a few pictures of the scenery..

the race begins......

empty 3.00pm

Well,after the race my cousin took me,my nephew and my nieces to Cyberjaya to have dinner and celebrating my niece's birthday..we had a very n
ice chocolate ice cream cake and a huge Arabic dishes as we all were very hungry because we didnt have our lunch.. here's the picture of the delicious cake..


Overall,I really enjoyed that weekend so much but somehow I wish that my family could be there too. Huh,I become homesick again..can't wait to be back to my hometown this weekend..miss them so much!

Da story of my life begins....

Hi guys!!! I'm dyana a new blogger here..Alhamdulillah at last I got the chance to create my own blog.
I hope to share with you the colors of my life. For me,life is not a thing that we should take for granted.
I'm looking forward to make my life as colorful as possible so that I won't feel regret when I am about to die. This is my first post for this time being and i will post next story soon. I hope u enjoy reading my blog and lets live our life to the fullest