Tuesday, 23 June 2009

~Durian oh Mango~

It has been nearly 3 weeks I'm home doing nothing..
Juz doing usual house chores, watching tv n also texting wif my goodfrenz..
But one thing dat i really like this month is..the fruit season...hehehe...
I luv 2 eat fruits..especially mango and durian....hahaha
during da first week of my holiday my mom bought a lot of mangoes..I ate a lot of it..
It has bcome like a snack..i really enjoy eating da fruit..everywhere i go i saw people selling mango
and I cant help myself from buying it..plus it was really cheap..hahaha
then the second week come durian season..almost everyday my parents will buy durian..
I am so excited..seriously i ate durian so much and now i started to worry bout gaining weight..huhuhu...
Suddenly I remembered my housemate,Hajar..she cant even smell durian..she said its so smelly..
me and my other housemates like 2 tease her..we have so much fun at dat time..
my third sister also cant stand wif durian,but she likes 2 eat pengat durian..hahaha so weird..
mcm2 gaya smua org...pning gak memikirkan kdg2 tu..wutever it is mmg sronok bla dpt mkn durian..walaupn bau die kuat tp ble da mkn mmg nikmat btul...i think org yg ske mkn durian msti agree wif me..

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