Sunday, 26 April 2009

~KL International Bookfair~

Yesterday i went to KLIBF at PWTC....there were huge crowd there...mklumla weekend..
I spend two hours there browsing for books.. I went there with my clasmate Ira..
We start to get crazy when we saw so many novels and had a difficult time to choos
e which we wanna buy..
Besides our allowance for this month blom msuk we have to think about budget also...
After tired of thinking and chosing, Ira decided to buy only 3 novels out of 6 I guess..and me only buy 4 out of 8..
that have bee
n list out..hehehe kedekut gak kan?
erm these are some of what I bought 4 my self yesterday....

I'm seeking for da right time to read this.....

novel ni best tp jiwang la...hahaha

menuggu tren....

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