Sunday, 26 April 2009

Futsal and assignment...

It has been nearly a week since this event happend..
Last Wednesday,our batch went to Sports Barn in PJ....playing fut
sal and basketball..not forgotten table tennis..
At first,when they ask who wanna play basketball,i was so eager 2 play..bu
t then things changed..
During the day,I was so excited to play futsal..the game was so fun n exciting...besides,I dah lama x exercise..hehe~

We were divided into team according to our house. Our team played for three rounds before everybody complaining not able to continue anymore and its about time to perform Zohor prayer..besides we all dah mandi peluh and smell so 'good'..hik33

After get home and had a nice bath,I asked my housemate when is the due date for our biology assignment..her answer make me shock..she said it was the day after tomorrow.. I thought the due is next week...OMG!!! I haven't start anything yet..I have to forget about getting a nice nap dat evening and start my assignment...Finally,at 11.00pm I have finished my assignment..phew...that was so relief..I promise myself not to do that again in da future..
here is the video at sports barn..

me at the goal post..hehehe


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